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ALPS National   is a Humanitarian not-for-profit Organization that works with Government and the Private sector to deliver Respite and Long Term care Solutions to Seniors who need assistance.

Alps National has become a leader in providing FREE eldercare, senior living solutions for seniors seeking long term care in Arizona (AZ) in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. Many seniors have gone through the process of qualifying through AHCCCS and ALTCS or have private funding and do not wish to be dispassionately and unsympathetically placed in an old age home because it is next on a referral list.

Although AHCCCS and ALTCS programs employ a wonderful and caring group of people who really want to make a difference in the lives of many seniors and provide a much needed service to our needy community, Alps National is here as a free referral service to provide a way for seniors to be matched with culturally compatible senior living, senior rehab and long term care (LTC) homes and hospice facilities.

We believe that your language, religion, ethnicity, activity level and location, along with your health and daily senior living needs (activities of daily living), should be taken into consideration when selecting a group home, an assisted living home, nursing home or independent living with ongoing care.
Many senior care advisors provide this service and at ALPS National, our Geriatric Care Advisors focus on the senior's lifestyle, wants and needs and truly are the 
                             eHarmony of Assisted Living Placement.


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 We often worry about our parents, grand-parents for their care and safety. And for those who are concerned about assisted living environments providing culturally compatible and dignified living and also the potential for neglect, and abuse, it can be heart rending.That's one of the reasons we are here to offer you our FREE service.
We don't want you to be constantly worrying about your loved one's. We are a loving and caring placement service for the elderly and it is our job to insure that you are satisfied and happy and not worrying about anything else.
 As your agent, we only recommend and refer your loved one's to an A+ environment.
 All of our recommended assisted living homes, nursing homes and independent living complexes are Licensed, Insured, Bonded, and Certified..
In addition, we research, catalog and screen all facilities and interview prospective residents so that we may match them to a culturally compatible environment.
Less than 40% of all facilities pass our stiff requirements.

Call us at your most convenient times to set an appointment. 480-444-9878

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Whether it's long term or short term, we make sure we can place your loved ones into an "AFFORDABLE" and wonderful home in which s/he will be comfortable and culturally compatible.

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