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Financial Options:

Many families entering the geriatric care arena are not aware of the various Financial Options that are available for long term care, for example Nursing homes, Assisted Living Homes, Alzheimer’s care, COPD, etc. Our experience and knowledge can save you a lot of frustration and in some cases eliminate the cost. And as your Geriatric Care Advisor, the work we do for you is FREE.
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In many cases we can provide a Financial Solution that will not cost anything out of your pocket. We work to remove the stress from this process. Especially with the economy we are living in these days. Some people have lost their jobs and homes, and some of the Seniors have spent their life savings in the stock market or bad investments etc. Senior Citizens should be retired at the age of at least 70 or 75, but these days we often see them in supermarkets bagging groceries, or doing something somewhere just trying to make a buck or two. It shouldn’t be this way.
Our humanitarian organization thrives on helping our senior citizens meet the financial requirements of geriatric care.

In those cases where the senior and family are affluent and are seeking a luxury, 5 star environment, we, at no charge to the family, locate several potential homes that are culturally compatible and provide the level of amenities desired.

A person preparing for possible future long-term care needs has several options from which to choose. One alternative is to "self-insure" by setting aside personal savings and assets and then supplementing those personal resources with the donated, or free, care of family and friends. In fact, the majority of impaired seniors rely solely on donated care and their own savings. The value of donated care probably exceeds that of any other category of LTC (long term care) financing but is difficult to quantify in dollar terms. Historically, out-of-pocket spending (excluding donated care) is expected to account for about one-third of total estimated LTC expenditures . The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that total expenditures for LTC services for the elderly historically--excluding the value of donated care--will total over $135 billion, or roughly $15,000 per impaired senior.

An individual who self-insures retains maximum flexibility and control over his or her savings and assets but must bear the full financial risk of impairment, which will depend on the extent and duration of functional losses. Significant impairment can leave little, if any, wealth for bequests or other uses. Nursing home care with a private room currently averages in excess of $70,000 annually A visit by a home health aide averages over $20 per hour.
Seniors in general are not well prepared to pay for their long-term care needs. In 2000, for instance, only about 7 percent of seniors had income in excess of $50,000 (about the cost then of a year's stay in a nursing home). In 1997, more than half of nursing home residents were poor enough to qualify for Medicaid coverage. Apart from their housing wealth, most seniors have only a modest amount of savings . We are here to guide you.

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